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Filed in Copywriting — February 13, 2024

Asking Meaningful Questions For Sales Copy

When writing sales copy, emotions hold a lot of weight. People don’t just buy products or services; they invest in solutions to their problems, seeking a way out of the challenges they face. Understanding how to write strategic sales copy starts with learning how to touch the heart and soul of your audience.

I created a full list of questions for you to download and answer on your own time. Spend some time with your favorite focus playlist and answer these questions for your ideal client. (Hint: While some of these questions are great to ask during market research calls, these questions are best suited for you to answer about your ideal client to make sure you really understand who you’re selling to). 

What’s the Core Problem?

Before you can address your buyer’s emotions, you need to understand the core problem they’re facing. What keeps them awake at night? What challenges do they face daily? Craft questions that encourage your buyer to open up about the main reason they need your product or service. 

Uncovering Mindset Blocks

After you’ve uncovered the core problem, it’s time to get deeper into the buyer’s emotions. When your audience is presented with the ideal solution (hopefully your solution), sometimes they still say “No, this won’t work for me” or “I think I can figure it out on my own” or maybe “It’s not worth the money.” 

More often than not, this type of resistance is a mindset you can help them overcome through strategic copy. Even if you hand them a perfect solution to their problem on a silver platter, it won’t feel like enough to a buyer with a mindset block. While you might not be able to change their limiting beliefs, you can address the issues that are causing the buyer to proceed with caution. 

These are some great questions to ask on market research calls to your ideal client:

  • What doubts do you currently have about [insert your solution here]?
  • What have you already tried that didn’t work? Why didn’t it work? What haven’t you tried? 
  • What do you think is holding you back from [insert their ideal state] right now?

Hopes, Dreams, and Beyond

While features are important, emotions are the driving force behind purchasing decisions. In this step, it’s time to think beyond the obvious solutions your product/service offers and go deeper. Frame your questions to reveal the emotional benefits of your product or service. Explore how these benefits align with the buyer’s desire for positive change. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • How might your buyer feel when they achieve their goal?
  • If there were no limitations, what would be your buyer’s ultimate accomplishment?

In addition to what the buyer wants, now is a great time to uncover the why. Why do they want to achieve the dreams they shared? Why are they looking for help now? Why are they doubting their ability to reach these goals/results? 

Thought-provoking questions like these do more than help you understand your buyer –  they encourage you to reflect on whether your product or service is solving the right problems.

Even More Questions to Write Compelling Sales Copy

Asking the right questions before you start writing your sales copy will help you nail down your ideal buyer instead of going in blind. By understanding each prospect’s journey, you create a foundation to ask questions that resonate deeply. Remember, people don’t just buy products; they invest in the solutions that drive their dreams forward.

To get a full list of questions to ask yourself about your ideal client, download our free guide. Check it out, and as always, you can explore our website for even more resources.

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