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Filed in Copywriting — March 19, 2024

How to Write Sales Copy that Doesn’t Sound Salesy

Writing sales copy is the backbone of any successful offer. Whether you’re drafting a sales page, launching a new product to your email list, or engaging on social media, the words you choose can make or break your conversion rates. But here’s the thing: sales copy doesn’t have to sound “salesy.” In fact, it shouldn’t.

Some people approach sales copy from a place of desperation, pushing the reader to make a quick decision. Urgency has a place, for sure, but there’s no need to use a scarcity mentality or fear mongering tactics to drive a sale. Instead, sales copy should come from a place of support. Your sales copy should be rooted in a genuine desire to help your audience solve their problems and achieve their goals. Trust us, your readers can tell the difference in an instant. 

Here’s how to write effective copy that sells without the used car salesman vibes. 

Use market research to understand your ICA’s problems

If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. A deep understanding of your audience is the foundation for all sales copy. Take the time to truly understand who your audience is, what they value, and what they’re seeking. Market research is key here. Tapping into their desires will help you get in tune with exactly what they need to hear before they convert.

Effective sales copy should help people self-select. When reading, your ideal audience should get a strong sense that this was made for them, while less-than-ideal traffic senses this is not a fit. You can use unique CTAs to help people self-select too. Phrases like “I want in,” or “I’m ready for this” can be super effective in getting the right people to opt in.

Utilize storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool in sales copy, especially on social media. The simplest way to tell a story is to let your past clients do the talking for you! Using client testimonials as social proof is great for building trust. When sharing a client success story, explain the transformation your client experienced and focus on the end state (what their life is like now). Don’t be afraid to get specific with the before and after – people love a good transformation story!

You can also tell your own story to build trust. How did you get to where you are today? How are you using the lessons you’ve learned to help your clients now? Giving your community an inside look into your come-up story can make you more relatable to your audience.

Focus on the benefits

When crafting your sales copy, focus on the benefits, not just the features, of your product or service. Explain the specific transformation your audience can expect and the tangible deliverables they will receive. (There are probably quite a few deliverables, so don’t forget to use bullet points for skimmability so readers don’t get lost!). By clearly articulating the value proposition, you can make it easier for your audience to see the benefits of working with you.

Crafting authentic sales copy is a skill that takes tons of practice, and driving real results requires a dedication to understanding your audience. It’s not easy to figure it out, so it’s always ideal to have someone in your corner to support you! If you want some expert guidance about how to nail your sales copy in a way that feels good to you, we’re always here to help! Our team works with clients to write sales copy that’s authentic and true to them. Get in touch with us if you want a team that will back you up. 💪

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