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6 Benefits of Email Marketing for Product-Based Businesses

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Especially as small business owners, it’s a marketing channel you can’t ignore. This post is specifically for product-based businesses ready to leverage email marketing as a powerful marketing tool for their business. If you’ve already started email marketing, this post may offer you helpful advice to ensure you’re using email marketing to its potential. 

While there are more than just six benefits of email marketing, this post will cover the six main benefits of email marketing for product-based businesses. If you’re a service-based business owner, jump over to this post where we break down the six main benefits of email marketing for service-based businesses! 

  1. Build relationships with your customers.

Building relationships with your audience is vital, and thankfully, email marketing makes it pretty easy! When sending newsletters, treat each subscriber like a VIP. Include personalization in your emails and keep your content friendly and engaging. Make each email you send sound like a letter from a friend. We love using emojis, GIFs, personal life updates, and breaking some writing rules to make emails sound super conversational. 

People want to feel like there is a real person behind the brand they are potentially buying from. So infuse your personality into each marketing email to connect with your audience. Before sending your newsletter, read your content out loud. If it doesn’t sound like you, don’t send it yet. Make some edits to make sure the words sound relatable and like they’d come out of your mouth! 

You can also show your customers you care about them by providing exclusive discounts, early access, and other specials to only your newsletter subscribers. People like to see the inside scoop and feel included. Being open and honest about your business will build the “like, know and trust” factors that every business owners strive for.

2. Increase sales via abandoned cart sequences.

Shopping cart abandonment means that someone put an item into their online cart but didn’t end up purchasing it. This means that they’re interested in your product but didn’t take the final step of purchasing it… they’re so close! The great news is that we can use automated sequences to increase sales and remind people of the item they really loved when browsing in your shop. 

One easy way to collect email addresses before someone leaves your site is to offer them a discount when they first visit your website. Those pop-ups you see on big-box stores websites actually work! According to a report done by Klaviyo, even abandoned carts can make you money if you play your cards (or emails) right. Klaviyo shared, “The key to driving those sales is relevance and timing. And that’s why abandoned cart emails have some of the best stats across any email marketing strategy for Klaviyo customers.” Open rates of abandoned cart sequences are around 41%, click-through rates are around 10%.

A really well-crafted abandoned cart sequence can increase your sales and keep your business top-of-mind to potential customers. 

3. Targeted emails based on customer interests.

Targeting different subscribers with tailored email campaigns is a powerful tool to help get specific offers or products in front of the right audiences. Recent stats from a study done by Mailchimp found that targeted email campaigns have a 14.31% higher open rate and a 100.95% higher click rate than non-segmented email campaigns. 

You can use targeted email marketing to showcase popular products based on what people have already purchased from your website or share product restocks based on past purchases. 

These targeted campaigns will help get the right products in front of people who have already engaged or purchased from your store, increasing the chances for another sale! You can also use these campaigns to let your customers know you are paying attention and want them to get the most out of your products. For example, say someone purchased a gold plated necklace from your store. You can send them specific instructions on caring for that particular item. This helps to level up your email marketing and shows your customers the extra care you provide.

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4. Stay top of mind for customers. 

Sending consistent newsletters will help you stay top of mind. Let’s face it–people are busy. Providing that nudge in their inbox will help remind subscribers about what you sell. There are so many updates that you can give in your newsletters. From restock announcements to product launches, business updates, life updates, etc. Your newsletter can be a behind-the-scenes hub to help all of your customers feel like they are getting the inside scoop. With newsletters, it’s important to stay consistent. We recommend sending at least two newsletters per month, so subscribers don’t forget about you!

Get more tips for how to write for your audience over on this blog.

5. You own your list.  

It’s important to remember that we don’t own any of the content we put on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Pinterest. Here’s the deal: We will NEVER hate on social media because we understand the value of every layer in a marketing strategy. Social media and email marketing are both layers of a comprehensive marketing strategy. But many online business owners are relying solely on social media and ignoring email marketing because they don’t think they need it. This is where we challenge you. If you’re putting all your eggs in the social media basket, what happens when your account gets hacked? When a platform shuts down? When the algorithm changes?  Email marketing and social media can work together beautifully–they are on the same team, and they have the same goal of winning the game but just play different positions on the field. 

6. Massive return on investment

We love email marketing for so many reasons but one of the biggest is the return on investment. Creating compelling and engaging newsletters and automated sequences doesn’t take much time or resources. Email marketing is known for having one of the highest and most measurable ROI compared to other types of marketing. Here are some stats that we LOVE about email marketing:

  • 60% of consumers say they’ve purchased from email marketing. Compared to just 12.5% of people who say they’d consider using the ‘buy’ button on social media.

  • For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $41.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to increase your brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty. If you’re looking to expand your reach with email marketing, Acorn Digital Strategy can help your product-based business create an email strategy that works for you. Send us a message to learn more! 

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