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Is it Better to Write Your Own Website Copy or to Outsource?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re already in a great position. We’re all about transparency here, so believe us when we say not all businesses need to invest in professionally written website copy. But first, let us explain why. 

How to know if you’re ready for professional website copy

If you’re a brand new business owner, it might not be worth investing in website copy just yet. When you’re in your first year as a business owner, the likelihood of you changing, adapting, or shifting your products or services is fairly high. There’s nothing wrong with this! But we’ll be honest with you if you don’t yet have the clarity you need to invest in website copy. It can be an expensive investment for new business owners, and we don’t want you to spend the money if you’re not quite ready yet. 

The job of a website copywriter is to craft conversion-driven copy for your website, which is centered around your products or services. They help ensure your messaging is clear while showing off the value of your offerings. But if your products or services change drastically, you shift your target audience, or tweak your brand strategy, your website copy will need to change, too. 

Instead of investing, reinvesting, and redoing your website copy (and likely website design) multiple times, we recommend taking the DIY approach until your offerings are solidified. 

This usually comes a year after running your business.

Brand and messaging strategy come first 

Before jumping into website copy, we recommend getting super clear on your brand strategy and your messaging. This means working with a brand strategist and/or a copywriter (hi!) to nail down your ideal client, your unique value proposition, your mission, vision, values, competitor analysis, and more. 

While we can do copywriting projects without this, we always deeply encourage business owners to invest in brand and messaging strategy first. It greatly reduces the chances of website copy rewrites, website redesigns, and rebranding. Not to mention, it will set your business up for success from the start! 

Established businesses will benefit from professionally written copy

When you’ve been in business for around a year, or you know you’ve firmly established your products or services, it might be time to invest in professional copy.

Your website copy is the first connection a potential client has with your brand. Whether you’re a product or service-based business, the words you choose on your website have a direct impact on the perception you leave with you potential customers. 

When you work with a copywriter, they’ll spend time getting to know your story, your brand story, what sets you apart, and what your target audience cares most about. A copywriter will turn your ideas into compelling and persuasive language. Through market research, competitor research, and copy strategy, they’ll formulate copy in a way that leads your audience through your website, builds genuine connections, and supports conversions. 

Website copy will do the hard work for you. It acts as a salesman while you’re not there and helps lead potential clients to your contact form or purchasing page. More importantly, quality copy will help establish your brand, expand your influence, and encourage loyal customers. 

We know you’re amazing, but you can’t be an expert in everything

When you first start a business, you have to wear so many hats. You have to be the accountant, the bookkeeper, the content creator, the salesman, the supervisor, and much more! As you scale up, you can start delegating and outsourcing tasks to free up your time and attention to focus on things no one else can do. Website copy is one of those things that might be better off written by someone else. 

Keep in mind that writing website copy is a highly specialized job. If you’ve ever written your own website copy, you probably realize how tricky–and frustrating–it can be. Writing about yourself and your business isn’t easy! Not everyone is a skilled writer–and you don’t have to be. 

If you’re ready to get support with website copy, we’re here to help. Most website copywriting projects can be done during our VIP Day format, where you get the copy you need on a condensed timeline. Head to our services page to learn more! 

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