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How to Use Content Repurposing to Your Advantage 

Posting similar topics on your blog, social media, and in your newsletters may seem repetitive to you…but it’s actually one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. 

Every brand needs to be known for something. By educating your audience on similar topics in your blog, newsletter, and social media content, you’re cementing your position as the expert in that topic area. It shows authority, builds trust, increases credibility, and positions you as the subject matter expert in your field. While it may feel repetitive to you, that’s because you’re the one reading and writing it every day!

So even though your content might seem overly similar or repetitive for you, it’s what should be happening in your business. This blog will dig into why repurposing content helps you establish yourself as the subject matter expert, and saves you time in the long run.

Reinforce Your Brand Position

When your educational content centers around key themes, you’re giving your audience a consistent and cohesive message. For example, we talk a lot about email marketing and copywriting across all marketing channels. We do this to establish our expertise in the subject! If you all of a sudden saw us posting tips about how to create engaging Instagram reels, you might get confused about our services. Consistency is key when it comes to positioning yourself as the subject matter expert. 

Repurposing Content is Not Repetitive

Some business owners worry about sounding repetitive when they repurpose their blog into some social media posts, or when they talk about the blog in their newsletter. Here’s the deal–it’s very unlikely that your ideal client is reading your Instagram caption, your blog, and newsletter and retaining every last bit of them. By reinforcing the message across marketing channels, you’re doing two main things: 

  1. Establishing yourself as an expert on the topic. If you see us talking about email marketing deliverability on social media, in our newsletter, and on the blog, you’d likely think wow, they know a lot about this topic! And that’s our goal! It should be yours too. Talking about the same topic across channels cements your expertise. 

  2. Giving your ideal client multiple opportunities to engage. Your ideal client isn’t likely going to read every social media caption, every newsletter, and every blog. When you share a consistent topic across channels, you’re giving yourself the best chance to reach your ideal client. 

The bottom line is that aligned content improves your brand messaging, your brand reputation, and your brand recognition. When trying to attract an audience and encourage them to convert, this matters a LOT! 

Build Trust and Credibility

Not only does creating aligned content across platforms help reinforce your brand positioning, it helps establish trust and credibility with your audience. 

Once your audience recognizes your business as the go-to in your industry, you’ll be top-of-mind whenever they need help with that issue. If you constantly produce content within your niche, email and social media subscribers will start to see this as thought leadership for your industry. 

You know your services backwards and forwards, but educating about the value of them over and over on your blog, in your newsletters, and all across social media will help show your audience you know what you’re talking about. Sticking to relevant and aligned content will build up your authority on the matter and boost your credibility in the long run.

Encourage Audience Engagement

Positioning yourself as the go-to expert on just a few topics helps your target audience know what to expect from you. They’ll start following you for industry hot-takes, they’ll read your newsletter to learn free, relevant information, and they’ll head to your blog when they need direct support on a topic area you specialize in. 

By understanding what your audience wants and needs and how it fits into your brand, you can create aligned content that resonates with them and drives action. If you continue to nurture your audience through value-based content, you have a higher chance of converting your audience into clients because you already build trust through your content!

Content Repurposing Saves You Time

Creating aligned content isn’t just good for your audience–it’s good for you, too!

Choose one piece of long-form content to focus on–like a podcast, YouTube video, or a blog. Then use that ONE piece of long-form content to create weeks worth of social media content, and a few newsletters. 

Batching content will help you maintain consistency in your messaging to cement your value in the minds of your audience. Take a peek at this blog to learn more about content batching and planning a month’s worth of content in one day.

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