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Email Sequences for Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel supports every stage of the customer journey, from when they first hear about you, to when they make that first purchase. It even includes the parts that come after that, like getting customers to become brand loyal and make repeat purchases.

Email marketing is a major component of your marketing funnel. If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know we’re BIG supporters of a thorough email marketing strategy for both e-Commerce and service-based businesses. With automated email sequences, you’ll be able to target distinct segments of your marketing funnel, letting you meet customers (and potential customers) where they’re at. 

In this post, we’re talking all about the email marketing funnel for e-Commerce businesses. Keep reading to see which email sequences you need for each stage of your customer journey.

Welcome Sequence

First and foremost, you need a welcome sequence to help you attract and gain new customers. Offering a discount, free shipping, or a free add-on to an order are all great ways to encourage your audience to become a first-time customer. The welcome sequence should be a money-maker for product-based businesses. If you’re not generating revenue from it, you’ll probably need to reassess your customer offer and try a new approach.

The welcome sequence is also your chance to build an authentic connection with your audience. After you offer them their incentive to make their first purchase, you have an opportunity to tell them more about you, your brand, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Lean into storytelling here to get your new subscriber bought-in to your product quality, differentiation, meaning, and vision. 

This sequence should be at least four emails. Don’t forget to add a reminder email to those subscribers who didn’t purchase during the sequence! 

Post-Purchase Sequence

After a customer buys from you, it’s absolutely worth sending them a few more emails in an automated post-purchase sequence. Not only is this a chance to get them pumped up about their purchase, but it helps your business build repeat customers and increase customer lifetime value. It’s way easier to sell to existing customers than it is to attract completely new ones, so keeping your current clients happy is a winning strategy!

The post-purchase sequence is your chance to send out a personalized thank you message for supporting your business. You can also ask clients to write a review for you–which is a good way to get them to think about all the amazing aspects of your business while boosting your brand image. 

This sequence should be at least three emails. Email one can be a personalized message from you, the founder. Email two can ask them for a review after their shipment has been delivered. Email three can offer product care tips if applicable, showcase other products they might like, or check in again to make sure they’re satisfied with their purchase. 

VIP Sequence

Setting up a VIP sequence is a great way to build loyal customers and raving fans. By treating your repeat and high-value customers to exclusive access and special discounts, you’ll show them how much they matter to your brand.

A VIP sequence should offer frequent customers rewards or discounts to thank them for their loyalty. This could mean coupon codes, but it could also mean special access to a brand community or social media page to make them feel intimately connected with your business. Or you can incentivize them to share your brand with their friends through a referral program to earn a discount.

These emails should feel especially personal, since they’re not offered to just anyone. Your VIP clients will be thrilled with the premium value you’re offering. They’ll talk up your brand and keep coming back for more!

Win-Back Sequence

For lapsed customers who have purchased from you before, a win-back sequence is the chance to re-engage them and re-interest them in your business. Showcase what your brand has to offer, and send out a personalized note to encourage them to make another purchase. Share reviews, recommendations they may like, or a discount that might incentivize them to take that next step.

Sunset Sequence

This sequence focuses on re-targeting customers that haven’t been engaged with your email list in a while. To keep your email list nice and healthy and full of people who are interested in making a purchase, it’s essential to release non-ideal customers from time-to-time. No need to keep these folks around–they’re only hurting your email data. 

Send out a few emails reminding subscribers of the value your products offer and give them one last chance to re-engage. Afterwards, let them know they’ll be unsubscribed (and how they can rejoin later if they want) and remove them from your email list.

Connect With Subscribers Often

Tailoring your email sequences to appeal to different segments of your audience will allow you to manage customer relationships for clients at all stages. Some customers just want to learn more about your business, some want discounts for your offer suite, and some want special rewards and personalized recommendations to inspire them. To cater to all of these needs at once, a comprehensive email marketing plan will streamline your marketing and sales efforts. 

We’re offering a new email marketing retainer package that pairs email sequence optimization with consistent newsletters to nurture and grow your audience. Whether you’re a service provider or an e-commerce business, these email marketing services will help you level-up your existing strategy. Get in touch to talk details!

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