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Case Study: E-Commerce Business Invests in Email Marketing

At Acorn Digital Strategy, we work with a variety of businesses–both large and small–to build out email sequences and craft customized emails perfect for each brand. 

Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of working with an e-commerce company to implement automated sequences and manage ongoing newsletters to help boost sales for their business.

This project was an awesome one to work on over the last few months, so we’re excited to share the strategy, the progress, and the plan for the future. 

A Bit of Background 

This business had experience with email marketing for their business but overall wasn’t happy with the impact it was having on sales. They sent monthly newsletters, and had a few automated emails set up, but didn’t have a comprehensive email marketing strategy. 

Previously, they were using Omnisend–which isn’t a bad platform by any means. However, for businesses that leverage Shopify, I always recommend Klaviyo. 

As a bit of an aside: We absolutely love Klaviyo for product-based businesses, especially if you have a Shopify storefront! Shopify and Klaviyo integrate seamlessly with each other, offering advanced reporting and tracking features you just can’t get with other platforms. If you’re an e-commerce business owner, we 100% recommend investing in Klaviyo for your email strategy. 

The Strategy

The first phase of the project involved migrating systems. This process comes with amazing benefits but also a few challenges. Account warming can impact deliverability, and it can time for email providers to view your new sending account as valid. Overall, we were able to mitigate the risk that comes with an account transition, which we’ll talk more about. 

Once we got the business set up in Klaviyo, we jumped into developing automated sequences for the brand. (These are a must-have for e-commerce businesses–check out this blog post for more details.) This process included email strategy, copywriting, design, and finally staging in Klaviyo. All in all, we staged 5 new sequences for a total of 18 emails–and we did it all in 8 days.

Since developing the sequences, we’ve continued to write and design two newsletters per week for the business. These brand updates share promotions, highlight new product releases, inform subscribers about sales, and offer valuable tips for buyers. 

Now that the sequences are up and running, we’ll only need to do a bit of updating on them every few months. Otherwise, we’re focused on creating the weekly newsletters and making sure subscribers are engaging and interacting with the brand. 

The Results

After completely revamping this business’ email strategy, we’ve seen some amazing results. In the last month, the client has generated more than 38% of total revenue from email marketing sales! Of that amount, half (19%) is coming from automated sequences, while the other half is coming from regularly scheduled newsletters. 

This is a great benchmark to be hitting this early in the game. It just goes to show how lucrative it is to set up automated sequences for your business–and why consistency is key when you commit to an email marketing strategy.  

I love how easy you are to communicate with. You’re also very quick and don’t take days to respond or make changes to content, which I appreciate. You are efficient and communicate kindly which is very important to me!” – Client 

Future Plans

When we transitioned to Klaviyo from Omnisend, we brought over many subscribers who had been unengaged for a while. Approximately 60% of the newsletter list hadn’t opened an email in six months. We’ll now be running these contacts through a Sunset sequence to remove unengaged subscribers from the newsletter list entirely. This will help open increase engagement rates and maintain a healthy email list. 

We also plan on creating a customized quiz, which will guide potential customers to see which product is right for them based on their style. The quiz results will be sent to the potential customer in exchange for their email. Growing the email list with engaged, interested, and ideal potential customers is a big goal in Q4. 

Email marketing is a long-term strategy that requires optimization. With a few months of helpful data about their subscribers under our belts, we can make strategic updates to sequences, target newsletters by engagement levels, and create content subscribers resonate the most with.  

Why We Love Projects Like This 

Email marketing is such an important aspect of your marketing funnel. It gives you the ability to connect with customers at different stages in the buying process, which can take your sales to new heights. By implementing a comprehensive strategy, this client has been able to use email marketing to its full potential, and is seeing an uptick in earnings as a result.

We’re thrilled that Acorn Digital Strategy was a part of this email marketing journey, and are excited to continue to work with this client–and many more to come! 

Get in touch to learn more about Acorn Digital Strategy’s customized email marketing support and see how email sequences and newsletters can be a boost for your business. 

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