Email marketing and copywriting services

for women-led wellness and lifestyle brands

Sydney Bell

“Molly took the tech work totally off our plate with email marketing and gave us the confidence that these email sequences will make a big impact on our sales and passive income.”

Kimi Jevic

“If you’re looking for badass, killer copy for anything—hire Molly. She’s a wordsmith and an incredible writer, and her project format is amazing.”








Let’s get right to what you came here for…

I’m offering $250 off my email marketing and copywriting projects to PNW Women in Business Live event attendees. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m honestly so excited to help bring your 2023 business goals to life.

get ready for

More consistency, more connections, and more conversions.

Copywriting + Email Marketing Projects

  • Get your entire email marketing system built from the ground up (for both e-Commerce and service-based businesses). We create the strategy, set up the software, take care of all the tech, write every email sequence, and design every email. Yep. We do it all, and we do it with the goal of putting more money in your pocket.

  • If you needed high-converting copy like, yesterday, this is for you. We can write a 4-6 page website, a long-form sales page, or 2-3 email sequences in one day. This is best for established business owners who know their target audience and have established offers.

  • If we can’t accomplish your copywriting needs during a VIP Day, we make it a project. Best for websites over six pages and marketing funnel projects.


It’s time to stop building your entire business on rented land.

no shade to social media, but you don’t own the platform

You don’t create the algorithm. You don’t decide who sees your content when you post it. It’s rented real estate.

But you own your email list. You call the shots. You hold the power. And as your list grows, so will your wallet.

The RIO of email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent. It takes strategy, consistency, and time… but you can’t sleep on this marketing channel any longer.

You need someone to nurture the sale while you’re away.

*Enter copywriting–your 24/7 online saleswoman. 

Showing up “authentically” online sounds great and all—until you end up sounding just like every other competitor in your industry.

No matter how many templates you purchase or guidelines you follow, there’s no simple cookie-cutter copywriting formula that will give you the results you’re looking for.

You need to find the right words for your unique audience, offer, and personality. Because when you do, that’s when the magic happens.

Other ways we help women-led brands

not included in the $250 off promotion

  • This package is best if you already have an established email list with untapped potential. We’ll focus on optimizing your entire email marketing ecosystem, nurturing your current audience through value-packed newsletters, and growing your email list every quarter.

  • If you want organic search traffic to your website, blogging is where it’s at. We’ll conduct thorough keyword research and produce valuable blogs for your target audience monthly.

  • Catchy content and engaging captions are the bain to many business owners’ existence. We’ll create monthly content for your brand that connects with your target audience and moves them through your marketing funnel.

  • The email marketing intensive is perfect for business owners who need guidance, direction, and support to feel confident in email marketing. It can be overwhelming to figure out a new email service provider, the technology, and what to say and send. Get all of your questions answered during the intensive.

Let’s get this party started

When you reach out, mention you attended the PNW Women in Business Live event and we’ll take care of the rest!

PS: Fill out the inquiry form on my website before May 1st for this offer to be valid.